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I herby swear and affirm that to the best of my knowledge and ability, I believe the above statement to be a true and factual representation of the conditions and/or problems currently occurring at the above referenced rental unit.

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Complaint Frequently Asked Questions and Procedure

  1. To be able to better respond and understand your complaint, all complaints must be made in person at the township hall and be in writing, using this form.

  2. Please give us as much specific information as possible regarding your complaint. For example, do not just tell us the roof leaks; tell us which room the roof leaks in. In other words, be specific.

  3. There are no fees charged to the tenant for filing a complaint, but in some cases the landlord could incur an inspection fee and a registration fee.

  4. If the property does not currently have a Certificate of Compliance, a notice to inspect will be sent to the owner requesting an inspection of the dwelling and completion of a Rental Registration form.

  5. If you have a lease or rental agreement, please do not file a complaint regarding something that is clearly your responsibility to maintain according to the lease or rental agreement. The township can not act as a mediator or court to resolve civil matters between two parties.

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