Muskegon Township

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Township History


The Township of Muskegon is the oldest Township in the State of Michigan. It was first township in the new State of Michigan to be created by the State Legislature in 1837 and included parts of what is now Ottawa and Oceana Counties. Over the years, as a result of decisions by the State of Michigan and annexations by the City of Muskegon the Township ended up with the complicated configuration that now exists with our political boundaries encompassing about 23 square miles.

The Township is divided by the Muskegon River basin with about one-third of the Township North of the river and two-thirds to the South.

The Township provides a full range of services including Fire, Police, Water, Sewer, Parks and Recreation, Sanitation and Highway Departments. Muskegon Township is one of the two Townships in Michigan with a DPW department.

Seal History

The Township seal or insignia you see on the right side of this page and on Township stationery, vehicles and our flag has a rich history and meaning. In 1972 the former Township Clerk, Jack Joslyn, recognized the need for an appropriate and distinguished official seal for the Township. Jack designed and had a local artist fine tune the basics for manufacture.

Jack incorporated the Michigan Seal to represent the State in which the Township is located. The six stars represent the entities which have occupied or governed the areas: The American Indian, Spain, France, Great Britain, Colonies and finally, the United States of America. The eagle and its freedom in flight is equivalent to the freedom of our citizens in this Nation.