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Special Use Permit Application

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The following information is requested pursuant to Muskegon Charter Township Code of Ordinances, Section 58-52. The Township requires the following information, but may request further information deemed necessary by the Planning Commission. A full Site Plan Application must accompany a Special Use Permit Application.

Fees: $100 + $500 Escrow = $600

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A previous application for a variance, Special Use permit, or rezoning on this land has/has not (choose one) been made with respect to these premises(Required)


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Sec. 58-57. General standard for making determinations.

The township board, planning commission or building official shall review the particular facts and circumstances of each proposal in terms of the following standards and shall find adequate evidence showing that the proposed use:

(1) Will be harmonious with and in accordance with the general objectives or with any specific objectives of the general plan or current adoption.
(2) Will be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained so as to be harmonious and appropriate in appearance with the existing or intended character of the general vicinity and that such a use will not change the essential character of the same area.
(3) Will not be hazardous or disturbing to existing or future neighboring uses.
(4) Will be a substantial improvement to property in the immediate vicinity and to the township as a whole.
(5) Will be served adequately by essential public facilities and services; such as highways, streets, police and fire protection, drainage structures, refuse disposal, or schools; or that the persons or agencies responsible for the establishment of the proposed use shall be able to provide adequately for such services.
(6) Will not create excessive additional requirements at public cost for public facilities and services and will not be detrimental to the economic welfare of the township.
(7) Will not involve uses, activities, processes, materials, and equipment and conditions of operation that will be detrimental to any persons, property, or the general welfare by reason of excessive production of traffic, noise, smoke, fumes, glare or odors.
(8) Will be consistent with the intent and purposes of this chapter.

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