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Site Plan Review Application

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NOTE: Depending on the size, complexity, location, or other factors related to the proposed site plan, additional information may be required.

I (we) hereby swear and attest that I (we) are owners of the above parcel of property and the information is true and accurate to my (our) knowledge.

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***The Site Plan Review Fee is due at the time of application along with six (24” x 36”) copies of the plan.
All fees are subject to a fee adjustment in accordance with Section 30.15 and 30.16. Site Plan processing time within 60 days.

Required Site Plan Review Information

Sheet size of submitted drawings shall be at least 24 inches by 36 inches, with graphics at an engineer's scale of one inch equals 20 feet for sites of 20 acres or less; and one inch equals 100 feet or less (i.e., one inch equals 20 to 100 feet) for sites over 20 acres.

Drawing of land with boundary dimensions
Topographical Information

Size, shape, and location of existing and proposed buildings
Proposed use of individual buildings, including building design and exterior construction materials (including elevations)

Anticipated amount of traffic to be generated and circulation of traffic

Signs proposed (size, shape, location and script)

Type of Business/Manufactoring
Types of machinery, power usage, electrical equipment, including emissions and discarded materials produced

All proposed landscaping including significant existing vegetation to be removed

Streets and private easements and adjacent to and within the development area

Parking area, parking spaces and driveways, including sidewalks and exterior lighting, loading zones, outside storage areas and method of screening

Location and description of sanitary waste sewers and water lines - hydrant locations

A water runoff drainage plan must be provided

Note: Water and sewer connection fees may be due - please contact the Zoning Administrator for information. (231-777-2555 Ext. 1132)

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