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Rental Registration Form

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Property Address(Required)
(For multiple properties request a form RR-1a to list all properties on and leave this blank)
(Grand total of all dwelling units if using Form RR-1a)

Section 1

(If corporation or Joint Ownership, include name of principle officer and Resident Agent in section 3 or 4)
Owner Address(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY

NOTE: Pursuant to Section 6-275 of the Township's rental ordinance, "If the owner does not reside within a 30 mile radius of the township, he shall designate a responsible local agent who resides within a 30 mile radius of the township and who shall be responsible for operating such dwelling in compliance with the law, including this division".

Section 2

Local Agent Address
MM slash DD slash YYYY

NOTE: Rental Dwellings is defined by ordinance as any dwelling unit, as provided for in Section 6-274 of the Muskegon Township Rental Property Ordinance, whether presently vacant or not, that is not occupied as a residence by the owner

Section 3

PROPERTY OWNER INFORMATION (Additional Corporate or Joint Owner Information)

Owner Address
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Section 4


Resident Agent Name
Resident Agent Address

Registration Fees are calculated on each property. Not on the total units you own. Discounted rates are for a building with 6 or more dwelling units, not for multiple units on one parcel of land:

First 5 units per building
6 units or more per building

$70.00 fee per unit up to and including 5
$25.00 fee per unit over 5

All forms without fees or required information will be returned unaccepted and the property will not be registered.


Section 1 is always required to be completely filled in with information pertaining to the current Owner of Record. If buying on a land contract, please provide a copy of the Land Contract with this form.

Section 2 should be completed if the owner listed in Section 1 and 3 does not reside within a 30 mile radius of the township hall or if a management company has a physical control over the property.

Section 3 should be completed if there are multiple owners, partnerships or the property is corporate owned. For corporations, this should normally be the principle officers' information or the corporate holding company.

Section 4 should be completed if the owner in section 1 is a corporation. This section should then contain the Corporations Resident Agent information.

Birthdates & Driver's License information is required except sections with corporate information.

Registration fees are payable to:

Charter Township of Muskegon
1990 E. Apple Ave.
Muskegon, MI 49442-4293

Don't forget to sign the form below and include payment.

I hereby certify that I am the owner, agent, or land contract purchaser for the stated rental property location(s). Application is hereby made for Rental Dwelling Registration(s). Chapter 6, Article XIII of the Muskegon Charter Township Code of Ordinances requires periodic inspection of rental properties and payment of all fees.

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