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Agreement Not to Occupy (Single)

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Agreement Not to Occupy Residence (Single Family)


I hereby agree not to occupy, rent, or allow to be rented the property located at the address indicated below until the certificate of compliance has been issued by the Charter Township of Muskegon Inspections Department in writing within twenty days of the date of sale. This notification shall include the new owner's name and home address.

I also understand that by signing this agreement, no further interior inspections shall be scheduled or performed for said property until such time as this agreement expires or is voided by me.

I further understand that I am still required to maintain and/or correct any deficiencies on the exterior of the structure(s) in compliance with the Charter Township of Muskegon Maintenance Code. If exterior code violations exist, I will be billed for re-inspection until all violations are corrected.

I fully realize that if I do not comply with this agreement I will be in violation of Township Ordinance and will be subject to legal prosecution as defined by Township Ordinance.

This agreement must be renewed on an annual basis. Forms are available at the Inspections Office and must be renewed within one year of the date signed below.

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